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About Working Warriors

Who are We?

Working Warriors uses a grassroots, community approach to remove barriers and create opportunities for Indigenous employment and economic development. Through our partnership with NAIW, we are focused on building relationships by connecting Indigenous persons and communities with businesses and industry partners. Understanding that not everyone is ready to enter the workforce, Working Warriors has created strategic partnerships with organizations such as:

  • The Joint Economic Development Initiative (JEDI) is an Aboriginal not-for-profit organization dedicated to working with partners to foster Aboriginal economic development in New Brunswick. Founded in 1995 as a tripartite partnership, JEDI provides its clients with a variety of Aboriginal business and workforce development services. JEDI serves Aboriginal people across New Brunswick and works closely with partners in the public and private sector.

  • Modern Clan combines experience and expertise in social marketing, design and digital technology with strong roots in the values and traditions of First Nations communities. Our team brings over 20 years’ combined experience, knowledge and expertise to meet your marketing communications needs.

  • Contact North can assist you with information on over 1,000 online programs and 18,000 online courses available from Ontario’s 24 public colleges, 22 public universities and 250 literacy and basic skills and training providers. Whether you are looking to complete a degree, diploma, certificate, or high school diploma or upgrade your literacy skills to prepare for employment, Contact North | Contact Nord can help you find study options to suit your needs and provide a host of support services as you pursue your programs and courses.

  • The Native Women’s Association of Canada, a collective of twelve Indigenous organizations founded on the goal to enhance the socio-economic, cultural, and political well-being of Indigenous women across Canada and has been building partnerships to ensure Indigenous women are included in resource development projects.

  • The Canadian Indigenous Human Resource Management Association (CARHMA) is a specialized, community-focused association that leverages national strength and unity to enable leaders and HR practitioners to enhance workplaces, develop knowledge and skill in people, and increase business profits. Empowering people with knowledge will assist Indigenous people to enhance their business acumen and provide value-added services to their organizations and communities.

  • The National Association of Indigenous Workers is dedicated to protecting and advancing the talents of Indigenous employees across the country. By offering employers a standardized approach to engagement, it enables its members to reach new markets and obtain new employment opportunities. This not-for-profit organization exists to support the goals of its members and NAIW will support the networking needs of Indigenous employees in all industries, as well as individuals wishing to join them in prosperous employment.

Our Values
We believe that Indigenous culture should be celebrated by all Canadians as a part of our larger cultural mosaic. We also believe the values that all Indigenous people hold close should be respected and allowed to flourish in their workplaces.
Our Mission
Our mission is to create the opportunities for businesses, communities and Indigenous people to make connections that result in positive relationships built on trust and respect for Indigenous workers and their culture.
Our Vision
Indigenous people and their communities are an essential part of Canada’s growing economy. We hope that our vision can inspire others – both in Canada and internationally.

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