It's Time for Growth!

Working Warriors - A FREE HR database for Communities

Working Warriors empowers communities to take to take a proactive approach in developing their community’s infrastructure to maximize employment and economic development opportunities. The database captures and categorizes skills, education credentials, resumes, employment experience, and other important information specific to Indigenous communities nationwide. The information generated from our database is vital in understanding a community's resources & workforce and determining how it can participate in industry related projects.

We help the communities capture and manage vital data pertaining to their community’s workforce, which will result in a much-needed human resources and economic inventory. As the data is collected, it will identify any gaps with regards to training and employment, leverage the community’s workforce abilities, and engage the community to actively participate and take pride in their contributions to various industry related projects.

Using a grass roots community-based approach, we can integrate Working Warriors and facilitate a Community Readiness Strategy to provides you with the tools to track your community’s human resource capabilities and assets and market them to your industry partners. We will help you identify and inventory everything that makes your community great, including your most important asset – your people.

How Do We Get Involved?

Every Indigenous community has been registered into the Working Warriors database. If you would like to get involved, register your community today and we will contact you.