The Need for Working Warriors

Canada’s economic future depends on the inclusion of Indigenous communities in the development of major projects. Today, most projects require a comprehensive strategy detailing how communities will be involved in the project. While some companies struggle with these requirements, we look at this as an opportunity. Together with partners like Running Deer Resources, we can utilize Working Warriors services to build the best possible Engagement Strategy for the project.

Running Deer's dedication to indigenous communities

Running Deer Resources has developed an Engagement Strategy to address the concerns involving Indigenous communities, industry and government as they seek to maximize opportunities and protect interests in a mutually beneficial relationship. We have listened carefully to the teachings of the Indigenous people and understand the importance of maintaining a stewardship of the environment in conjunction with the need to move forward with economic development and employment. We are fully cognizant of the complexity of the corporate world through our years of experience as an industrial construction firm. Our team also realizes the scope of the challenges faced by the government as it tries to facilitate programs that are beneficial to both Indigenous communities and industry. Our strategy builds a bridge connecting all parties in a cooperative endeavor that ensures a success.

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